All four committees will integrate SWPACC’s priority of JEDI values (justice, equity, diversity, inclusivity) into initiatives that address racism, gender discrimination, ableism, and other forms of institutional discrimination. This work will address both ongoing and historical identity-based exclusion/harassment/violence in outdoor spaces and the climbing community at large.

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Co-Chairs: Caleb Hills + Christina Stracq

To facilitate stewardship of, access to, and communication of information regarding outdoor climbing spaces. This committee oversees dialogue and negotiation with land managers to improve, secure and preserve access for all segments of the climbing community, not only through formal permission for climbing, but also by developing/advocating inclusive policies and community standards. It oversees issues such as hardware equipment, clean-ups and beautification, sustainable trail-building, dissemination of information through print and online guidebooks, and educational programs to promote responsible and inclusive outdoor climbing practices.


Chair: Stephen Gian

The Governance committee is responsible for establishing the policies and procedural functions of the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, logistical tasks such as scheduling regular board meetings, preparing and reviewing necessary financials and budgets, and organizing and disseminating official documents.


Chair: Paul Guarino

To disseminate publicly the mission and identity of SWPACC, and to provide information to, dialogue with, and generate engagement from community members at large, including members, potential members, volunteers, and partners, through digital marketing platforms, events logistics, and other modes of communication.


Co-Chairs: Vincent Zeng, Ru Emmons (interim)

To improve access by fostering a positive social environment in which all climbers can take part, contribute, and benefit as active members. It is responsible for organizing and sponsoring community initiatives and events.